Electronic – arduino – How to connect microphone to an Arduino with an opamp


I'm trying to connect a contact microphone to an Arduino.

I got a couple of LM833N audio dual opamps, which I'd like to put to use. I'm still struggling to understand opamps, though.

I've been reading an instructable on audio input on the Arduino. It uses the following circuit:

circuit diagram

(source: instructables.com)

However, this is for the TL072 opamp. I'm not really sure if I can use the LM833N in its place. Is this circuit suitable for a contact microphone?

Also, it would be great if someone could point me to a good (easy) introduction to opamps – the wikibooks page is a bit dense for me.

Best Answer

I know it's old, but may still interest someone. With a piezo contact mic, you may want to also connect two diodes allowing current to go from ground to mic output and from mic output to vcc. Under normal conditions there is not voltage over them, but a piezo can create some serious voltage spikes if hit, and this will protect your amp / arduino, so excess voltage can go to power supply rather than amp.

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