Electronic – arduino – nything I should watch out for with cheap “Arduino” copies


There's a plethora of cheap Arduino copies on eBay and similar sites, usually originating from the far east, that can be had for a significant chunk less than the official boards, especially if you're buying more than one.

Aside from the moral reasons of supporting the Arduino guys (not that I'm ignoring that, just not considering it for the purposes of this question) is there any technical difference between them, or are they pretty much the same (Arduino are open source hardware after all) will they be, as far as functionally, pretty identical?

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You should rather make make a cheap Arduino by yourself. By doing this, you can have it customized and use high quality parts. You can (and should) buy the original Atmega chip so you will have 100% compatibility with the software.

You will maybe [accidentally] burn the first chip to ashes (like me), but you'll get a lot of experience doing this.

Most cheap electronics have failed me. So would cheap Arduino clone, I believe. Electronic components are kind of delicate things, capacitors and transistors especially.

I know my answer is not real answer to the question, but you know, cheap hardware is random thing: you'll get a guys, that had luck (over 50% much likely) and those who didn't. My friend is of the second group and I'm pretty sure, he would sign under my answer.

Here, you can see a cheap way to make your own Arduino (cheaper than a pizza with Coca-Cola :)): http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardSerialSingleSided3