Electronic – arduino – When should you use a fuse


When is it actually practical to use a fuse?
Like lets say your building a robot using an Arduino…..what area would you want to protect the most with a fuse?

I mean do they even make fuses that small (5v's and such) and how do you go about "connecting" them to wires, since the smaller ones seem to be a solid cylinder

Best Answer

You need a fuse if you want to limit possible damage if something got shorted. This is defenetly possible with non-protected LiIon batteries for example.

For low-voltage applications there are self-healing fuses (often found on motherboards, especially for USB protection).

For non-autonomous robot I would just have 1 fuse on battery, so that it would not burn.

For autonomous one you might need one per each power consumer + sensors to react on shorted engines e.t.c.