Micro A USB Plugs – Usage and Applications


Wikipedia states:

An OTG product must have a single Micro-AB receptacle and no other USB receptacles.
An OTG cable has a micro-A plug on one end, and a Micro-B plug on the other end

Micro-A is apparently similar to the standard Micro-B plug, but without chamfered corners:

micro usb plugs

A Micro-AB receptacle is also rectangular.

However, in practice, all of my phones that support USB OTG have Micro-B receptacles, not Micro-AB. And the OTG cable I have it front of me has a Micro-B plug. Also if you google photos of "OTG Cable" they all show Micro-B plugs

In fact I can't remember ever seeing a Micro-A plug. Is this something that Wikipedia has totally made up? Or is it something that is in the USB spec but the entire electronics industry wisely chose to ignore?

Best Answer

Yes. Pretty much ignored in favor of the micro-B. There is no "Micro-A receptacle" since the micro-AB covers both. There were many more orders for micro-B cables than there were receptacles, and the industry quickly scrapped the micro-A.

The last of its kind.