Electronic – Build an H-Bridge Motor Driver with 4 N-Channel MOSFET


I have bought 4 N-Channel MOSFETs to build an H-Bridge Motor Driver.
My Motor drive and my power supply voltage is 12v.
My TTL logic voltage is 5v as I want to speed up/down the motor with uC PWM.
Now I have understood that I have problem with driving High Side MOSFETs as their Gate Voltage must be bigger in respect to their Source voltage.
What are my options now? shall I change them to P-Channel MOSFETs?

Best Answer

Check out this device.


It's a high side N-channel MOSFET driver. I think that it has a little boost converter internally. We've just started playing with these and it will drive the MOSFET gate to 20 VDC with a 12 VDC supply. Nifty huh?!?

Though the device isn't fast, relatively speaking, so you would be better off doing PWM for speed control on the low side MOSFET. You can get a regular FET driver to do this with your 5 V input.