Electronic – calculating a higher current through this inductor than is being supplied


I'm trying the find the current (using phasors) through the inductor shown below.

Using the current divider rule, I got that 840+j480 uA are going through the inductor. Additionall, by Kirchoff's laws and the terminal relationships of the resistor, capacitor, and inductor, I got the same answer.

My issue is that the magnitude of the current entering the circuit is 600 uA, but the magnitude of the current through the inductor is 967.471 uA which exceeds the source current. This is not allowed, correct?

Where did I go wrong?

enter image description here

Best Answer

I guess your calculations are ok. You have an opposite current through the capacitor that partly cancels the current through the inductor.

Since this is not so easy to see, I made a quick simulation:

The red trace is the source, the green one the current through the inductor and the blue one the current through the capacitor.

enter image description here