Electronic – Can a magnet be an antenna


I have a project for a small remote control in which I'll use a magnet instead of screws/etc. to close the case.

Basically it is a two-piece plastic case in which one of the pieces has a magnet glued to it, and the other has a matching metal band at the corresponding spot. When the two are put together, the magnet holds them closed.

I was thinking if I could also use that same metal band as the antenna for the remote. I'd connect the magnet to the circuit, and since when the case is closed the band is tightly attached to the magnet, it'd be electrically connected to the circuit.

Would the magnetic field in the magnet prevent this from working? If yes, is there a workaround?

Best Answer

The field from a permanent magnet is the magnetic equivalent of DC; zero frequency. It shouldn't bother a bit, in terms of receiving. Now if you were transmitting through it, you might degauss it, but the power levels in receiving are so low as to not be a concern.