Electronic – Can a smd aluminum electrolytic capacitor be replaced with a normal electrolytic cap



I have a JBL Charge 2+ amplifier that during dissasembly I missed a major step and accidentally broke off about 2 to 4 of the SMD electrolytic caps. Instead of buying replacement ones I already have some normal electrolytic caps that aren't surface mounted and I was wondering as long as I find one with the same voltage and µF can I just use them instead? I know the amplifier still works as when I power it up; everything lights up but there's no sound, the amp still connects with bluetooth but I still get no output to the speakers. Can I replace a SMD electrolyteic capacitor with a normal though hole electrolytic capacitor?

Best Answer

It depends, with bypass caps they need to have the same ESR. The other problem is the leads from through hole caps will have more parasitic inductance. So make sure the leads are short, and you match the ESR (or have lower ESR) with the new capacitors.

For capacitors that are connected to filters of DC to DC converters, it's best if all specs are matched exactly and the capacitor is installed in the same manner, even trace size or leads can add parasitics that can cause loss or instability in a DC to DC converter.

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