Electronic – Can WD40 be used to mitigate water damage on electronics


I've heard the advice that WD40 is designed to repel water, and hence, it can supposedly be used to mitigate water damage in electronics. Such as for a device that was submerged, instead of simply allowing it to dry, which might take a very long time, especially in tight places, under components, etc, and allow more oxidation to occur. Spraying WD40 into the device and the tight spaces, supposedly mitigate this problem to some extent.

Is there any merit to this at all, or will it simply make the problems even worse?

Best Answer

The standard method I have used is to wash in distilled or de-ionized water. Then put into a bath of iso-propyl alcohol, often by submerging the board for some time. Air dry for a while to get rid of most of the IPA, and then put into a temperature controlled oven at 60degC for a few hours.

Unfortunately, if batteries were connected and the device powered when it was submerged it may have caused damage especially if it was saline. You will just have to try.

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