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My car gets broken into quite frequently. The car is right outside of our bedroom window. The break ins happen at night, and we never hear them! They must be very sneaky.

I would like to design (or find a plug and play solution) for a motion detector that I will place inside the car that is either battery powered or something that can plug into the car adapter. When it senses motion, I want it to send a signal to our bedroom window so that we can call the police.

Here's an amazing diagram of what I want to happen.

enter image description here

Can you please suggest a design or a plug and play solution that I can use to do this? I know there are many motion detectors, but I would specifically need something that will work at only a 1 meter range because it should be inside of the car sensing any movement INSIDE of the car, and ignoring everything outside.

I don't know if this is relevant, but the windows are tinted.

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Ultrasonic sensors seem to be the sensors of choice for many car alarms. You can often buy electronics kits which use ultrasonic sensors to detect motion. The outputs are often simply in the form of a relay, so you can connect it to almost any other device you can think of. Google around for 'ultrasonic motion detector electronics kit'. There's a bunch to choose from.

Ultrasonic motion detector

Simply mount one of these inside the car, and wire it up to the 'deterrent' transducer on the outside.

South African car security

Alternatively, you could simply wire it up to a wireless doorbell, and leave the chimer by your bed at night.

Wireless doorbell

Also consider wiring it up to a couple of cheap little video cameras, so that you can grass up the little urchin to the police.

Mini video camera

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