Electronic – Cheap PIC programmer, must be Linux compatible


I'm comfortable with working on Arduino based projects, but I'm looking to start experimenting with PIC programming.

How would I go about building my own pic programmer? I thought there must be a way to save money compared to something like this one I found online.

Best Answer

Compared to AVRs, PICs have a variety of twisty little variations in programming algorithms and interfaces, which require careful study of each "programming interface" document. Been there, done that (up to a limit). Unless you are in it for the thrill I would not recommend it. Get yourself a kit or a pre-built programmer. I sell one, Olin sells a few, and there are the PICkit2 and PICkit3, and the various clones of these two. Take your pic(k). I would recommend a type that is at least capable of in-circuit programming. Unless you are into selling programmed PICs, ex-circuit programming is almost useless.