Electronic – Digital multimeters battery placement


I'm completely new at electronics, and so I just got my first multimeter – a pretty cheap one, a Draper Digital multimeter. Got my first problem with it as soon as I opened it to place the battery.

The only mention of the battery in the manual was to "insert the appropriate battery taking note of the polarity". There is no immediately obvious marking around the battery slot that would tell me which way to plug the battery. No plus or minus signs can be seen.

So I'm thinking either:

  • There is a way to tell how to place the battery that I'm somehow missing.
  • The placement of the battery doesn't matter for some reason beyond my understanding, and I'm really supposed to just "take note" of it. (In which case, why does this matter?)
  • This is an issue with this specific kind of multimeter, and I should be contacting the manufacturer.

What are your thoughts on this?

Best Answer

This is to serve as a warning to future newbies. I was definitely missing something obvious, polarity does matter, and I didn't really need to contact the manufacturer at all.

The polarities were printed on the lid of the battery compartment.

enter image description here note polarity markings enter image description here drop battery into lid enter image description here place front part onto it