Electronic – Do 9-pin LCD modules have a standard interface


I bought some text LCD modules without spec sheets or obvious part numbers. They all have a series of connector pins, unlabelled other than a 1 to indicate pin 1. I was able to get the one with a Hitachi driver and 16 pins to work fine, and now I'm trying to get a 9-pin lcd to work.

Is there a standard pinout for most 9-pin LCDs?

Pin 8 is clearly A for anode, possibly for backlight. Pin 9 is K for cathode, again possibly for backlight. The other 7 pins are unlabelled besides the 1 and 9 indicating pin numbering.

There is a sticker on the back that reads:


And another that says 847845740. There is a Samsung logo as well. The controller circuit is covered with that hard black protective material that I typically see on cheap devices, so I can't see the controller at all.

If the faint outline I can see on the screen is right, it looks like its 16 columns x 4 rows.

Best Answer

A search for UC164904 lead to this page which shows a 20x4 SPI LCD

enter image description here

enter image description here