Electromagnetism – Why Doesn’t My Coil Work?

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I disassembled my old Niko RC car today. Thought I could play around with the parts.

But what I can't seem to understand is the coil. The powersource of the rc car is a 7.2v NiCd 620mAh battery. And as you all see (image 1) I've tried to connect it directly on the coil – nothing happens.

As I know nothing about electronics I thought I might test with a 9v also (image 2) :-).

But still nothing happens. Does anyone know what's wrong? I did some simple measurements with a multimeter before disassembling and the coil got -3.3v / 0v / 3.3v depending on what it was doing. This coil is controlling the rc car so its voltages for left / center / right.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Best Answer

Are you sure you have a proper connection to the coil? Magnet wire has a insulating coating which needs to be scraped off before you can get a good connection. Have you tested the DC resistance of the coil to confirm it's not broken? If you have what is it?