Electronic – Feedback Topologies


This is my homework problem. I tried to solve this problem but i got it wrong. Here is the problem:

enter image description here

As it is clear from the circuit that we are taking voltage at the node V0 and some fraction of output voltage is feeding back into input. So according to this observation it should be Voltage-Series OR Shunt- Series topology.

Now my question is that is there any particular convention that i need follow? As here while writing the topology i followed Output-Input i mean first i wrote the Output (Voltage) then Input (Voltage).

However this answer suggest that there is no such convention.
And if you see this lecture By Razavi Sir You will find the he is first writing the Output and then Input.

According to answer for this question they are first writing the input and then output.

If anyone can make it clear it would be really helpful.Thank you

Best Answer

Firstly, let us look at some equivalent terms

series-shunt:voltage series or voltage controlled voltage source (VCVS)

series-series:current series or voltage controlled current source (VCCS)

shunt-series: current shunt or current controlled current source (CCCS)

shunt-shunt: voltage shunt or current controlled voltage source (CCVS)

To identify the type of amplifier topology, identify the feedback resistor first. If the feedback resistor is directly connected to the output, the type of sampling is series or voltage sampling. Next, the type of mixing is to be identified. If the feedback element is connected in series with the input, it is series mixing. If the feedback element is connected directly to the input, the type of mixing is shunt. Here, the topology is series-shunt. topology