Electronic – Ferric Chloride or Muriatic Acid + Hydrogen Peroxide for etching


Currently purchasing the required kit to start etching my own boards and have gotten to the etching solution stage. Ferric Chloride seems to be the standard for etching but I have also read about Muriatic Acid + Hydrogen Peroxide ecthing, which apparently is better all round (both for the environment and my pocket).

Has anyone had any experience with this method of etching?

Best Answer

I've used the muriatic acid/hydrogen peroxide solution. It works great when it's fresh, but it does NOT keep for me. If I go back and use it a couple of weeks later, it just doesn't work. I haven't pursued proper disposal, yet, so I've accrued a bit of the stuff in mason jars (whose lids are rusting from the acid, by the way). Once I figure out how to get rid of the acid/peroxide mixture, I think I'm going to try FeCl.