Electronic – find beginners electronics project schematics online, for free?


I have bought the following books in order to start learning basic electronics:

My desire though, is for a good book that has a lot of projects in it that starts from the basic level, such as; from a few LEDs and a battery, to more advanced circuits such as making dot matrix displays for around the house and even up to robotics.

I really am serious about this and have even purchased a learn to solder kit which i aced well.

I have searched online, but since I am inexperienced, I don't know what is good.

Best Answer

Some fun websites with tons of projects...

Best of luck!

One more good and fun resource is a magazine called Nutz and Volts. Usually available at your local bookstore in the US. I started out with a subscription when I was first starting out with electronics -- MANY moons ago. Way back then it was called "poptronics" http://www.nutsvolts.com