Electronic – Gapless breadboards


For the most part, all solderless breadboards are alike. 5 or 6 contacts spaced 0.1" connected across, a gap (typically 0.3" wide), and 5 or 6 contacts more, and repeated x times down the other length (0.1" from each other). Some have rails on either end that are connected most of the way through.

enter image description here

My question is, does a breadboard without the center gap exist? I know there are ones with a wider gap (0.6"), but I have not found any without the gap. Do they have a different name?

My goal is simply being able to plug in a standard Dual In Line header without needing an adaptor, or modifying the breadboard (cutting out the middle, or cutting a contact set in half)

Best Answer

Idea: Get some stripboard, and solder rows of 0.1" spaced female headers to it to create a facsimile of a breadboard.

You can cut across traces to disconnect adjacent headers from each other that are spaced only 0.1" apart, thereby creating the receptacle you want.