Electronic – Grounding Shielded Panel-Mount Connectors


I'm building an amplifier in a conductive metal chassis. The general grounding plan is to have an audio ground, a power ground, and a digital ground that converge at a single point on the chassis. However, my audio connectors are all panel-mount, so the shield of the connectors get grounded by contact when mounted. Technically, should I insulate them from the back panel and wire the ground connection? Practically, does it matter whether I insulate them or not?

Best Answer

Yes you should insulate the chassis ground also, from the ground star connection at the Poewr Supply.

The chassis should be connected to Earth terminal, right on the Power Input, thus all signals after the transformer should be isolated from the chassis.

Yes it matters if you insulate, because insulation from Earth avoid some "hum" noise often found in poorly designed Audio Electronics.