Heatsink Earthing – Guide and Best Practices


I'm currently working on my first circuit that dissipates enough power that I need to use a heatsink. The component in question is a TS1085CZ33 which I'm running with a maximum load of 2.8A dissipating around 7.5W. I'm just wondering a couple of things:

  • Is the heatsink tab on these chips (I'm using the TO-220 variant) electrically connected internally? If so, what is it connected to?
  • If it isn't connected should I ground the heatsink?

Best Answer

enter image description here

I think if you used an up-to-date spec you'll see the above in red - this spec has stuff about RoHS compliance and the device being lead-free so it's probably more recent than the one in the OP link.

TS1085 newer link

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