Electronic – Help for identifying pinout of unknown mp3 chip


I'm trying to use a cheap mp3 player to play song using Arduino, I couldn't find the datasheet of the main chip but I made some progress identifying some pins.

                1  16  Busy  
Play/Stop IO1   2  15  GND
Prev/Vol- IO2   3  14 
Next/Vol+ IO3   4  13
                5  12
                6  11 SPK -
                7  10 SPK Right
                8   9 SPK Left 

This looks very similar to the picaxe by8001 and the WT5001

I will need some ideas to find the datasheet or at least find RX/TX/ADC KEY pins.


More pics here

Note: Why not use mp3 module for arduino? I try the WTV020 with no luck, I could buy a dfplayer or the WT5001, but this mp3 player cost 1/5 of
those modules.

Best Answer

There seems to be a common design for these cheap mp3 players. And the labels seem to be pure confusion or some kind of serial number.

There’s a version with and without LCD display, the chips are probably very simlar. The LCD version displays "ic type: ht2836 firmware ver v1.00".

The chips seem to be sold by chipkingdom (the site also has a few "datasheets", look out for the GPDxxxx MP3 stuff). GP is for General Plus who designed these chips to begin with, but no further information is available on their website.

Here are some further more or less interesting links that deal with the chip: