LTSpice – Help with Full-Wave Rectifier Simulation


I'm fairly new to LTSpice and its function. Our professor asked us to construct this specific circuit (in the photo). I tried doing it on my own, but I am not that confident if my LTSpice circuit is the same as the one that is instructed.

Note: Our professor only taught us the basics of LTSpice, like how to put different components etc.

Photo of Instruction

The photo below is my attempt:

enter image description here

May I ask if I should change anything in my LTspice simulation or is it already correct? I also do not know anything about potentiometer or even oscilloscope. Those two terms are fairly new to me.

Best Answer

Your voltages are wrong. 24VAC is the RMS voltage, and LTspice uses peak.

LTspice has a pot component that allows you to set the shaft rotation from 0..1

And you have a short.

Either flip one voltage source or (better IMHO) add a phase shift phi of 180° to one of them).