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high voltage

I am working with high voltage arcs a lot but I have no way to measure the voltage. What is a good way to measure very high voltages (up to tens of thousands)?

Best Answer

One way is to use a high-voltage probe. For example if you check the B&K PR 28A Datasheet you'll see it's rated for 1kV to 40kV DC and 1kV to 28kV RMS AC. As a ballpark price they are currently $US72 at Digikey. They include a 1000:1 divider to bring the voltage down to levels that normal test equipment can deal with.

I have seen DIY solutions in the past, but of course you'd have to be very careful with the materials used and the construction so I wouldn't really recommend it. Especially if you don't have to knowledge / equipment to test insulation breakdown.