Electronic – How does one obtain connectors for game controllers to put on a PCB if e.g our design takes input from a PS1 Dual-Shock controller


It is quite possible that one decides to design a device that can take input from a (wired) game controller like the NES, SNES, PS1, PS2 controllers which are going to have their own protocol. For a PS2 dual shock controller, designing something that can decode the protocol is a project in itself.

However, always there is a problem of where to get a connector for the "consolve side" of the controller connection. When the game console was manufactuered, they put in a connector on the front. However, if I want my own design project to take input from e.g a PS2 dual shock controller, how do I get the "female" connetor that shall go onto the PCB? Any ideas?

One possibility is to design a connector and print it using a 3D printer, that however is a project in itself and it still needs to be considered how the metal contacts will be put in.

Best Answer

I've done exactly that for a university project. I wanted to interface to a NES controller, so I had to find some connectors. I ended up buying a splitter adaptor, which gave me four connectors to play with. I then measured the dimensions and created a PCB footprint.

NES Interface

Buying parts for a PS2 controller may be a bit easier, as it is not as old as NES. Just look for a broken PS2 or even some kind of adaptors and salvage connectors from them.

Here's an adapter for PS2:

enter image description here