Electronic – How to build a TRRS headphone jack with a jack that is detectable by an iPhone


I have a circuit and I am trying to integrate it with an iPhone via a TRRS headphone jack's microphone input. I have a generic TRRS cord and am trying to send a signal through it. However, the iPhone does not detect that a mic is even plugged in. However, if I plug it into my Mac via line-in and record, I can record the signal I am sending perfectly.

I have read online that it needs to detect resistance between the ground and mic, which I have. Are there any other things I need to do? It seems like this is an issue that stems from Apple's proprietary technology, as the earbuds are from a Windows Phone before they were spliced.

Thanks so much!

Best Answer

You might want to take a look at this and check if you have the same config.
I'm sure android and apple are the same kind (I've used them interchangeably) though samsung android phones have two rings swapped.