Electronic – How to drive 1MHz Ultrasonic Transducers

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I have 2 ultrasonic transducers (see below picture) facing each other with spacing of 10cm (adjustable). I would like to supply 1 MHz sine wave (from function generator) to one transducer (transmitter) and measure signal amplitude on the receiving transducer (using an oscilloscope).

Can someone please advise the circuitry needed to achieve the above test ?

The transducers are rated for 3Vp-p, not sure about the current they consume.

Below is the transducer specification that was provided by the Manufacturer.
Transducer Specification
enter image description here

Best Answer

Yes a function generator will be fine. I don't think user44776 will see anything through the air. Try sticking them on opposite ends of a piece of plastic. And put some 'goop' on the ends to get rid of the air gaps between transducer and plastic. (goop might be something like petroleum jelly.)

Let me add that if the plastic or other solid works (you can try a tub of water too.) Then if your function generator has a burst mode send in on period of a sine wave (at ~1MHz) and measure the time of flight.