Electronic – How to get A, B and C values for this thermistor


I wonder if it's possible to extract A, B and C values for TTF-103 thermistor from datasheet. Those values needed to calculate resistance using Steinhart–Hart equation.

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Best Answer

The fourth column of the datasheet table, indicated as "B25/85 Value", is key: that is the Beta value measured between two temperature endpoints (25C and 85C). Second column has the resistance for the first temperature endpoint.

Given for device TTF-103: B25/85 = 3435, R25 = 10, R85 can be solved by using the formula:

R2 = R1 / (exp( B*(1/ T1 - 1/ T2) ))

Thus, R85 = 1.4513 and now you have two points. Beta can be assumed to be constant between the two test endpoints. Using the same formula and chosen temperature, you can establish the third point. Choosing T = 60, R60 = 2.9809 for example