Electronic – How to make an USB keyboard work with Bluetooth instead


I have an USB keyboard (HHKB) which has some great irreplaceable features(That's why I would not like to buy a Bluetooth keyboard directly) and I love to use it very much. But the only improvement I expect is to avoid its USB wire. I would like to connect it to my laptop(a Macbook Air) wirelessly with Bluetooth.

I have searched the Internet but found only a little pieces. I still don't know what I need to prepare and how to do it. Is there any small device which can be plug into the USB port of my keyboard and convert it to a Bluetooth keyboard? If there's not, how can I make one by myself?

Thank you!

Best Answer

You can use Handheld Scientific's adapter which is battery powered.

Here is a build log for a Model M. I don't know if HHKB has enough free space, but one always can hack something up.

You can also check out adafruit's ez-key, I guess it'll be fairly easy to use it, won't take up much space in the keyboard either.