Electronic – How to make the own atx power switch


I'm assembling a new computer from components. It's something I've done quite a few times, but now I would like to skip the case. Except for some structural integrity and LEDs, the only technical necessity the case supplies is the power button that tells the motherboard to start.

I know I can buy generic power switches, but I have no idea which, exactly, to get, and how they should be interfaced with the motherboard. Can anyone help out?

Best Answer

The requirements for the switch are not severe. The switch will be pulling down a current-limited 5V signal. It should be normally-open and momentary (non-latching).

The motherboard manual will have diagrams of the pin headers; two of those pins will be for the power switch (one side for the signal, the other for signal return / ground).

A reset switch is always a good idea too - the same sort of switch will do (momentary, normally-open).