Electronic – How to reduce 5 volts to 4 volts 1.5Amp with minimum components used

dc/dc convertervoltage-regulator

I am trying to reduce 5 volts high current source to 4 volts with at least 1.5 amperes. I searched the internet, but I could not find 3 pin voltage regulator, 5V(in) 4V(out)voltage regulator.
I think voltage divider is an option, but it consumes lots of power,
LMZ12002 is an option but it requires at least 9 components.

Is there other options?

Best Answer

There are definitely 3 terminal regulators with low dropout that suit this requirement.
See eg www.digikey.com and enter search terms.
As an example only The Seiko S816 works with an external transistor and not including decoupling capacitors requires TWO components total. Dropout is limited by the external transistor's characteristics. While a bipolar would usually be used, this would drive a suitable MOSFET and dropout voltages as sensibly low as desired would be possible.

Using Digikey's search also found

MIC29302 in stock $2.86/1
3A, 250 mV dropout typical at 1.5A. Agh/whoops - I now see I've arrived at the same device as Spehro :-). Search Digikey using their excellent parameter driven search. This and more are there.


Semtech SC1592 in stock $1.82/1.
260 mV dropout at 3A BUT uses a special dual input supply mode - power conversion is low dropout but Vspply_control needs to be Vout + 1.5V. May or may not be useful.