Electronic – How to solder this tiny (0.5mm pitch) MSOP10


I am soldering a 10 lead MSOP (LMH1980) onto a PCB. Or trying to do so. The chip has a pitch of 0.5mm. I find that every time I use the "tack and glob" method I have been taught, I cannot remove the excess solder; it just sticks to the pins. (Tack and glob: pin a few crucial pins down, then glob solder over the pins. Wick away excess solder.) Tack and glob seems to work for a TQFP44 dsPIC and an TSOP16 ADG733 chip, but every time I do tack and glob on the LMH1980 I find that I cannot remove the excess solder, and in the process of trying to do so, I have damaged two PCBs (pulled the pads off) with components already on them. How can I solder this chip? BTW, I have only a basic temperature controlled soldering iron and hot air station (Aoyue 968.) Nothing fancy.

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Solder bridges mean you need more/better/fresh flux.

(Either iron or hot air will work fine. Heat is heat. I prefer iron for clearing shorted pins: wipe iron on sponge, apply to pins, repeat. The excess solder will stick to the tip.)