Electronic – Ideal location to practice soldering


Sounds like a stupid question, but really hasn't been asked before, or I haven't found a post about it. Either way, here it is:

I bought a soldering iron recently and am looking for a place in my house to do my soldering. Of course the first thing in my mind would be to solder in the basement or garage and as close to a window/outdoors with good circulation, however I plan on working with arduino boards and would like to everything in my upstairs "computer room" near my gadgets. Do you think opening up my window in my room and having a fan suck out the fumes aimed at the window would be suffice to be safe, or should I stick with the basement/garage idea. Let me know on your thoughts.

Best Answer

Near a window with a fan sucking the fumes out the window would be better fume technique than most non-professionals would use. Unless you're particularly sensitive, or asthmatic it should be more than good enough for the low volume infrequent soldering you'll be doing. Personally, I'd be more concerned about the iron as a fire hazard.