Electronic – Ideal WiFi to Serial (or SPI) bridge


What are some recommendations on an ideal WiFi to Serial bridge? My ideal qualities would be:

  • Simple connectivity, SPI or Serial
  • Reasonable fast speed, at least 1mbit/sec ideally (though probably wouldn't always need that fast)
  • Inexpensive, I'm thinking under $50
  • Low power — it should use at most 100mA, if we could get it even lower like say 20 or 30ma, even better.
  • Built-in protocol stack — I want it to handle the WiFi protocol, along with DHCP, TCP/IP, DNS, etc, so that all I have to do is tell it what IP/port to connect to, and then handle the data myself.
  • If at all possible, 5V-tolerant I/O's…to make it easy to interface to our old-school microcontrollers.

So far I've found:

Anyone have any experience with other possibilities?

Best Answer

Roving Networks offers the RN-131C and RN-131G for $45/$40 WiFi - UART. It uses 100 mA when awake, and 10 uA asleep. I'm using a related system on a project and it works quite well. The C variant is commercial temp range, the G is industrial. I think they have RS-232 as well as SPI/I2C versions as well. I'm not sure if this is the WiFly GSX you mentioned in your original question.

Also, we looked at the modules from Redpine Signals. I'm not sure what their power consumption is, but the Connect-i-on series of products has the other functionality you're looking for.