Electronic – In Eagle PCB, how can I reuse devices from existing schematics


I'm making an Eagle PCB schematic design, a break-out board for the TI cc2540. I have a reference Eagle design with a PCB antenna, and I would like to use that antenna.

antenna schematic

Looking at the element "info" for this printed antenna, it appears to be in library antennas, but I can't find this library in the default Eagle libraries, nor can I find it using Google.

antenna element info

So my question is, where can I get this library for my BLTE chip to use a printed antenna?

Edit 1:

If this component is not available through a public library, can I select the element and "export" it so I can use in my own library?

Best Answer

Starting with v6, Eagle supports true copy&paste. This means that you can copy any part from one design to the windows clipboard and just paste it into another!
You can even copy/paste groups of parts, and between two different eagle instances (this wasn't possible before either).

This is a MAJOR improvement from earlier eagle versions (where the cut/copy/paste was totally counter-intuitive/horrible) and reason enough to upgrade.

Note that you have to use group select + copy even for a single party to make it work. The just paste it in any other schematic.

This way you only "import" the parts into the schematic and don't have to worry about from which library it comes or where it should go at all (assuming this is not a requirement).