Electronic – In this project, where does the rectifier go


I was a backer of an early Kickstarter project, and now the project leads have dissapeared. Before they left, they offered some advice to fix some of their faulty units. Here's a picture of the project in question:

enter image description here

And the only help I have is "Too much current for the UF4007 to handle; it's only rated for one amp." (The UF4007 is part D1 in the board, above: datasheet) and a link to a new part which looks to be an "8A, 600V STEALTH Rectifier".

enter image description here

I got the replacement parts, and they look like MOSFETs, but are much narrower than the only diode I see (D1). I could bend the legs out, but because they're flat metal, they don't bend easily. What should I do?


Like Madmanguruman says below, it's the current that is killing it. Couldn't I just replace the failing diode with one that has a higher rating? How about this UF2007 that is rated for 2A instead of only one?


Here's a link to the original assembly instructions: http://xwl.me/plasmaspeaker/

Best Answer

Here is the schematic for that circuit board:

enter image description here

As you can see, there is only one diode in the whole circuit, and it's going to be pretty abused by the EMF collapse of the flyback.

So your replacement diode should replace D1. Kludge it in however possible.