Electronic – Indoor Location Positioning


We are developing a mobile application for smartphones (Iphone, Android, BlackBerry, etc) and want to allow navigation at indoors.

We can buy and place indoor gps antennas but will this solve our problem and let us to navigate users?

I searched a lot and found some systems; but they are bundled with chips and antennas. But we couldn't attach chips to users phones.

So do you have any suggestions?

Best Answer

Check out Qubulus. Their indoor positioning API uses an RF fingerprinting method for Android devices. Right now, your software-only options are limited for iOS. Best tip there is to wait for iPhone 5. I'm not familiar with options for Blackberry.

A full list of indoor positioning technology providers is here: http://bit.ly/indoornavigation

You might also gain some insight from reading "Why Indoor Navigation is So Hard". The O'Reilly article mentions the Cisco MSE option, which is likely a better fit for your needs than a GPS repeater.