Inductor Soldering – Resolving Inductor Desoldering Issues


I am having a problem with inductor desoldering. (Bourns 2310-V-RC)
I found a lot of desoldering failure after time.

The inductor is used as an LC filter. Maximum 8 Amps.

This is the PCB view

enter image description here

Are the pads of my design too small? Do you think I did some mistake?

If you need more details please just ask me

enter image description here
enter image description here

Best Answer

That's a horrible attempt at soldering, and if you paid a company to do that you really should take it back to them and tell them to redo it properly. I can't believe that anyone who knows how to solder looked at that and thought it was OK.

The problem you're seeing is that the solder applied to the pins of the inductor has barely flowed onto the PCB and has not flowed at all into the through-holes like it should.

This is caused by those large copper planes absorbing a lot of the heat from the soldering iron, and, as a result, the area around the through-holes is not getting hot enough for the solder to flow properly.

To do this properly will require a fairly powerful soldering iron and possibly pre-heating the whole board, too (or at least the area around the inductor).

I suggest you contact Eurocircuits' QA dept, send them those pics, and ask them how on earth they found that to be acceptable...