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Lately I've been doing a lot of work with Intel HEX files. I want a program that can import an Intel HEX file and allow me to view the byte contents at each address.

There are a handful of programs I've seen that do this, but are there any that are good which are free and also allow you to see the contents at an absolute address, not a relative address to the start of the hex file (for example, if the Intel HEX file starts writing at address 200, the application should signify that addresses 0-199 are blank and not show as if it starts at address 0)?

The best tool I've found is not really a tool meant to view HEX files, but Segger's J-Link Flash programming software. It's really meant to program chips, but it reads HEX files beautifully. Find it at J-Link / J-Trace Downloads.

Best Answer

If you have access to a KDE computer you should try Okteta. It interprets hex in three or four formats at once. It is very very nice, especially if you are looking at mixed meaning hex code.

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