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I learnt from my high school biology that human heart will produce about 1mV from the sinoatrial node.(voltage will vary like the graph in ECG test).Is it possible to measure the voltage with any instrument which can be available in a electronics laboratory(like multi meters,voltmeters,oscilloscope etc.) which is pre-amplified using a amplifier.

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It is definitely possible to measure the voltage using lab equipment, and a little bit of help.

You'll want to use some type of amplifier, ideally a precision, instrumentation amplifier - these are designed with very good Common Mode Rejection (CMRR) and gain.

Once you've set up an instrumentation amplifier, all you'll need is to connect the output to your oscilloscope, so that you can see the waveform.

Here is an example circuit (taken from here) - this site also has a lot of good, further reading.

EKG Amplifier

Please, if you intend to make such a device, be very careful! Connecting the human body to any electrical device can be dangerous, and appropriate precautions should be observed!