Electronic – Is it safe to run these motors with raspberry Pi directly

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I got this RC car today. It's the cheapest possible model.

I want to make a raspberry Pi project with it (which has its own 5V supply from a power bank).

Is it safe to directly power the motor with the raspberry Pi ? Should I connect a resistance in series first to the motor? If so how much should be the value of the resistance ?

Kind of how we run LED experiments with raspberry ?

Current setup (it came like this) has 3 X 1.5 V AA batteries as input. And it runs pretty fine.

RC car internal circuit board

Best Answer

What ever motor you are using, don't connect it directly to the Raspberry Pi. It is not safe to use them directly with the board. Use a motordriver to connect them. i am saying a motordriver module because, it will be easy to just connect the input and output wires. it is upto you in using a Motordriver module or making your own H bridge circuit. Even simpler boards like Arduino require motor drivers for connecting the motors. This is mainly because the motors draw more current than the board can provide. I am no expert in Raspberry Pi, but using a motor driver with the board will be preferred.