Electronic – Is the phone battery better / more capacitative than the laptop battery


When we go out and look for phones, the first thing I do I always look at the battery capacity, usually 2000 mAh, 3000, up to 10000 mAh for a (external?) battery.

Looking at laptop batteries, they are much much larger and have only afraction of what the most massive batteries for phones have.

My laptop battery has, for example, 5000 mAh, probably not much higher than 15-20V,

if I get four 10,000 mAh phone batteries I get the same voltage range in serial connection and still those 10,000 mAh, or not? (or maybe 40,000 mAh). Yet I will save space.

Is it a wise choice to construct such a battery for my laptop?

Is my logic correct?

Best Answer

Until recently, all lithium laptop batteries were made up of cylindrical lithium-ion cells. Now, many designs are using a lithium polymer (pouch) type battery in laptops. This is allowing the thinner laptop designs.

The properties of the cylindrical and the polymer cells are almost the same. The advantage of the soft pouch construction allows the same capacity battery fit into a smaller space, due to not having air voids between the cylindrical cells.

It is also important to note that many after market phone battery capacities are pulled from a data sheet that was printed in a Fantasy Land where everyone rides unicorns.