Electronic – LED matrix display – outdoor


In my application the user needs to read a few simple shapes and characters under the bright sunlight. In terms of visibility, what would be the ideal solution? I am basically looking for experience of previous implementors or some research on the subject. Currently considering simple LED matrix (8×8) and blue color.

Best Answer

Use some good old Histogram Equalization to reduce glare effects, reduce shadow effects, and bring out colours better. Then process the image for "Chromaticity" - the equation is very simple and is seen on this Wiki page with an explanation.

If you then examine the blue colour values only of the RGB image, you will see it very well indeed.

I have done this kind of colour space processing before in robotics, and even tutored a unit relating to this (coloured targets for robot arm movement). I did not actually do Histo-equalization though, but in outdoor environments give it a shot.

I suggest if you have access to MATLAB that you check out my professor's MATLAB Toolbox, by Peter Corke (very well known guy in robotic vision and control. check out his textbook for direct use with this toolbox and examples )

His toolbox allows really quick image processing and will at least give you some decent examples for your own work. Get the toolbox here