Electronic – Making a camera follow me


I want to record some lectures I am giving next semester. I have a video camera, and can change its direction using a servo of some sort. However I have no idea how to detect where I am. Me carrying some broadcasting device would be fine. Mostly the sensitivity should be able to determine if I am in the left or right side of the room, but I do not need much more than that.

Best Answer

You could wear some simple IR LEDs, you could then also place a number of IR receivers, just simple IR photo-diodes would work, with a narrow viewing angle.

If you place these around the base of the camera and then have a microcontroller read which one has the greatest signal you can point the camera towards the IR source.

Sounds complicated, but it is very simple, and does not require a computer. The hardware is easy to do, although you will probably find in noisy environments (bright light) you will want to modulate your IR to get away from broadband noise you receive.