PCB Design – Male or Female Header on PCB?


I'm designing PCB which has pin header connectors(0.1" pitch). So my question is – Is it the standard to put female headers onto PCB and solder male headers to wires or vice versa?

My idea is next:
Female pin headers is better to put on PCB. Why? They are protected with plastic around them, so you can't accidentally short connections and damage PCB(assuming that PCB is more expensive than female headers).

PCB has 34 pins for Arduino and DS3231 module(those pins will be female pins), six pins are signal pins, one is VCC, one GND pin.

Best Answer

My theory is that male headers are less likely to suffer damage by contamination since everything is "out there" and visible. Use the shrouded kind for more protection.

The females, when part of an IDC cable, are more easily replaced if they fail, rather than trying to replace a part on an expensive multilayer PCB.

You will find most products where there was a choice such as IDE disk drives and PCB motherboards will agree with this choice.