Electronic – Part number for this Molex 4 pin wire-to-board connector (or similar: Foxconn, Wieson, Tyco, etc)


I'm having a really hard time finding the correct PN for a 4 pin header, used with PWM fans.

The header I'm looking for is a 4 pin one, similar to the Molex 47053-1000, but a right angle one.

I've already spent a couple of hours on Digikey and the Molex website, but I can't find this. I'm only finding a 4 pin connector that has a bigger plastic tab, that won't take the 4 pin PWM fan connectors.

Has anyone worked with this type of connector before that could provide me the PN?

Here is an image of the type of connectors:
enter image description here

enter image description here

Thank you.

Best Answer

Searching for 2510-4AW and 3+1 on aliexpress turns up these, which seem to be exactly what you want:

enter image description here