Electronic – Pebble watch charging contacts worn out, options


My pebble is getting harder and harder to charge, every time I need to clean the contacts, press hard and hope it charges, and once it does, hold it still..

I am wondering how I can improve the situation, is it possible to rebuild the contacts in any way? I was thinking I might place a bit of regular solder over the two contacts, but I am seeing a few places say thats a bad idea..

Pebble Charging contacts

Best Answer

Id personally try rubbing the contacts with a tiny piece of 1000-2000grit sand paper to get some fresh metal exposed and periodically clean it with a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Trying to apply solder is not a good idea because A: you don't know what material the pins are made of B: Too much heat on that pin will surely melt and distort the plastic case possibly ruining the contact area permanently