Electronic – Plugging fans inito a USB port


I'm sorry for such a simple question, but I'm pretty much brand new to this stuff.

I want to wire up in parrallel and plug in 3 little fans to a USB for power, however, these 3 fans are 12 volt .12 Amp fans and I was wondering if I'm going to be drawing too much power through that USB port that it might "burn out" so to say, or ruin it in any sort of way.

I know that USB only does 5 volts and I know the fans won't operate at full capacity this way but that isn't much of an issue for me, I don't really care that they aren't as fast as they should be.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best Answer

You can draw maximum 500mA from a USB port, so 3 x 120mA should be OK. BUT the rated current is for 12V, you'll have to check what it is at 5V. Apparently at 5V the current should be lower as well (thanks, JGord), so this should work.

If you overload the port's power supply it should cut off the power.