Electronic – Recommended Layout for Parallel Current Sensing Resistors

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I'm working with 12V DC systems and high currents (up to ~40A). In order to meet the wattage and price requirements for my design, I'm using two parallel sense resistors. The IC I'm using for sensing is (PN: PAC1710-1-AIA-TR), though this question should be applicable to just about any sensing solution requiring SMD resistors.

I know that when using a SMD resistor for current sensing, this is the ideal layout:

Single resistor

But what about parallel resistors? Which of these two below is ideal, if either? Is there something more I need to consider when applying parallel resistors in this manner?

Take one

Take two

(Also, can anyone provide resources for further reading on this particular topic? I'm usually quite proficient in finding answers to my queries, but I haven't found any useful info on laying out parallel resistors in current sensing applications.)

Best Answer

When using parallel resistors (that are adequately matched) I'd consider doing this: -

enter image description here