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I have a Samsung 205BW screen, and over the time, the capacitors on the power board broke down. I have to wait up to 30 mins for them to warm up so I can use the screen. I bought replacement capacitors according to the youtube video how to replace samsung 205bw capacitors:

  • 4 x 1000uf 35v
  • 1 x 470uf 63v

But after I opened up the board, the capacitors I had installed were:

  • 5 x 820uf 25v
  • 1 x 330uf 25v

I also took pictures.

Is there a way to replace the broken capacitors with whatever I have?

Best Answer

I think it'll work as you want - there's a seriously good chance it won't hurt anything. After all 5 x 820uF (4100uF) is only a bit bigger than 4 x 1000uF.

The 470uF being a bit bigger than the 330uF shouldn't really be a problem. These won't be timing capacitors and if they are only on internal DC power lines going a bit bigger or a tad smaller shouldn't cause problems.

It's worth a shot.

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