Electronic – Reprogramming a computer mouse’s internal IC


I have a mouse with an internal IC: SPCP168A, having read about it, I discovered that it is specifically designed and programmed for the mouse functionality.
I am interested in reprogramming the device to be able to use its "camera" (160frame/s).
My questions are:
Can I reprogram it, or is it an OTP?
Has anyone done something similar ?

Best Answer

Specifications for this particular chip (SPCP168A) don't show any explicit serial/SPI port. Also, there is no indication in blogosphere that this particular chip has any field firmware update options. So it is very likely that it runs from a mask ROM.

However, there are other optical mice on the market, they are based on the original patented Avago technology. The main chip ADNS-2051 does have an interface to a MCU, both some serial, and "quadrature outputs". There are some hack examples that use this chip as 16x16 video matrix using Arduino.

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